Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins on KCRW, Part II

Thanks to everyone who commented on my mini-diatribe about Jenny Lewis. I love to hear others’ thoughts; for a while, I thought I might be the only one who didn’t particularly care for her too much. I’m trying to reconcile in my own head why I’m posting on someone whose music I’m merely midly interested in. Hmmmm …

Alas, here’s the second half of her KCRW performance. It includes a new song, which I’ve cleverly titled “New song.”

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, 3/10/06:

6. New song
7. Rise Up With Fists
(I don’t believe in using more than one exclamation point, in case you were wondering.)
8. Born Secular
9. Cold Jordan
(I really like this rendition of a traditional song.)
10. It Wasn’t Me

Also …

I’m giving everyone one more day to get in on the Ian Love CD giveaway. Hop to it.

Um, I love Norway. This can only happen in a dream.

My boy Josh mentioned this and I’d be remiss if I didn’t devote some space to it … How the hell did this happen?

Michael Chow/The Arizona Republic

OK, four years for $30 million is a lot of scratch, not to mention Edgerrin James is getting $15 million of that in the first year. By no means am I a Cardinals fan, even though I’ve lived in Phoenix since about 1986; I maintain loyalty to the Bears. Still, this is the Cardinals’ biggest signing since they moved here in 1988. They had a ton of space under the salary cap, but they insisted they wouldn’t shop for top-line free agents. Um, right. Boldin, Fitzgerald, James. Pretty scary. But the o-line remains in question. James may be demanding a trade in a year after he collects his $15 mil up front.

Either way, Dodge and Eric are pissed.

Also in sports, Arizona State is in the market for a new men’s basketball coach after Rob Evans was let go. Apparently, Pitt’s Jamie Dixon is No. 1 on ASU’s wish list. Golden State coach Mike Montgomery (why did he leave Stanford for the NBA again?) also is a possibility. I’ll take either.

Let me say this: ASU men struggled under Rob Evans (one NCAA appearance in eight years and only one win over hated rival UA), but the man deserves credit for graduating players and cleaning up a point-shaving scandal and the rest of Bill Frieder’s mess. By all accounts, Evans is a stand-up guy, so just the mention of Bob Huggins’ name made me queasy. Though I doubt ASU will go that route. Other possibilities: Wichita State’s Mark Turgeon and Nevada’s Mark Fox, both of whom are in the tourney this week. Lon Kruger already has dismissed rumors he would leave UNLV to come coach his son, Kevin, who will be a senior guard next season.

There. Now don’t you feel better that you’re updated on the sports scene in Arizona?

11 thoughts on “Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins on KCRW, Part II”

  1. So lemme get this straight. You don’t like Jenny Lewis yet you have no problem using her music to draw people to your blog. Kinda hypocritical, don’tcha think?

  2. F anonymous anyway.

    One thing is certain: the Cardinals will certainly under- or mis-use James to such an extent that he becomes worthless. Arizona Cardinals: ruining marquee players since 1988!

    Thank god I’m from Pittsburgh.

  3. Like I said in the first post Anon (or maybe you didn’t read that?), a friend asked a favor that I record her KCRW performance.

    For another thing, I doubt Jenny Lewis is drawing people to my blog; I’m hesitant to give her (or my blog) that much credit. And it’s not like I’m advertising it anywhere.

    Also, I don’t mind discussing the merits of artists I don’t like as an entry point of discussion rather than fawning over every musician, as some sites like to do.

    Funny, coming from someone who won’t even leave his/her name.

  4. To the Chicago fan I say what a bummer that the Bears weren’t able to get Randall El (who left for a puzzling situation in DC-4 speedy receivers under 6ft?). To the resident of Arizona I say that once the Cards get a very nice TE in the draft there will be no more excuses. They have a young OFF and DEF core (I especially liked Dansby).

  5. Nice FA signing by the Cards to get Edge; too bad he’ll have to try and run behind their current O-line 😉

  6. Music has always been a driving force in my life with the only real competition coming from from books and work. However in the past few years it’s been slipping due to an overall downer of a mood.

    Now that I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, I’m also trying to expand my horizons. Radio is *so* out so I’ve been using the blogs for sampling and

    Jenny was one of the bands that was nigh on impossible to ignore. I finally downloaded the album and didn’t really like it until I listened to some of the lyrics especially Rabbit Fur Coat. Once I got past that hurdle, I started listening to it and really liked it.

    My timing was good and she was in concert just a couple days later. It was a really good show! Some of the more religious overtones are a bit much for me but I take them for what they are and go on. I’m 38 and not as idealistic and hot-headed as I once was 😉

  7. i was mostly turned off by indie boys sort of fawning over jenny. as a result, it took a long time before i gave her a chance and really listened to the songs.

    at some point “rise up with fists” really grabbed me. the lyrics connect with me, and i think that it is a truly powerful song. but i’m not in love with the rest of the album.

  8. it’s cool. im not a big fan of her solo stuff at all either but in this day and age it seems as though you’ll get shot for something like this. rilo kiley’s much much better.

  9. yeah we’ll see how happy he is when he only gets 800 yards behind that horrible offensive line next year! bastard…i don’t think they would’ve been able to resign him anyway.

    and I asked you to record it FOR MY BLOG!!! bastard…i was out of town anyway.

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