Jeremy Enigk on AOL’s the Interface

Thank God Stereogum has time to track down all things music on the interweb else I might have overlooked Jeremy Enigk’s in-studio performance on AOL’s the Interface.

Enigk, whose first solo album in 10 years, World Waits, I’m slowly absorbing one song at a time, played five tracks here, including Sunny Day Real Estate’s How it Feels to Something On. It’s still a little bit hard to separate Enigk solo from Enigk as Sunny Day frontman, difficult to accept that. That feels like a natural reaction, although I’m not down on World Waits at all. For whatever reason, I seem to be digesting it slower than other albums of late. Probably because I want to be measured in my reaction to it.

Kudos to AOL for a great interview, too. Enigk said his live show consists of a five-piece band with five or six songs from Return of the Frong Queen, five or six from World Waits, a song from the United States of Leland (score for the movie) and “maybe even a little bit of Sunny Day Real Estate.” He also spoke of the Fire Theft (his post-SDRE project) just being a studio band, and releasing a future record on his Lewis Hollow label.

(On that note, Enigk is opening for Cursive, including Oct. 31 at Marquee Theatre in Tempe and Nov. 1 at Rialto Theatre in Tucson. See Stateside Presents for ticket info.)

As for the title World Waits, Enigk said, “there’s so much hatred and there’s sickness and there’s war … and what’s the world doing? Everybody knows this stuff is bad, but we keep on doing it, and what are you waiting for? We’re aware of how to make a difference but it’s just not moving in that direction.”

I’ve spliced the Interface performance into individual mp3s. For the full download (with interview), go here.

Jeremy Enigk, AOL’s the Interface:

1. River to Sea
2. Lewis Hollow
3. Explain
4. World Waits
5. How it Feels to be Something On

Jeremy Enigk: “World Waits”

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