Jeremy Enigk: The Missing Link

Suddenly, you can’t turn your back on Jeremy Enigk. The guy goes 10 years between solo releases, but here he is ready to release The Missing Link, a collection of new material and acoustic tracks from last year’s World Waits.

Maybe Sunny Day Real Estate really is dead for good.

To be honest, I didn’t like World Waits as much as I wanted to. Maybe my anticipation for it – 10 years since the brilliant Return of the Frog Queen – far outweighed its actual presence in my hands. There are incredible moments on it: Been Here Before, River to Sea, Canons. And there are overdone parts I could live without, specifically City Tonight and it’s cringe-inducing opening line: “Am I late to the kingdom of love?”

Yet Enigk has stored enough credit with me that I’ll pick up anything by him, and that includes The Missing Link, due out Aug. 21 on his Lewis Hollow Recordings. According to the Lewis Hollow site, The Missing Link has four unreleased songs from the World Waits sessions and five live songs recorded with Enigk’s band at Sony Studios in Santa Monica, Calif.

Pre-order at Insound. has a live acoustic performance on video with Enigk.

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