Pictures from Paid Dues Festival

I spent Friday afternoon/night at Mesa Amphitheatre for the Paid Dues Festival, a gathering of some of the finest names in indie/underground hip-hop.

Despite the heat, the show seemed to be a success. More than 1,500 turned out. For a Friday in immense heat, that ain’t too shabby. As promised, I did live blog it for work if you want a more detailed rundown of the day.

Otherwise, I was impressed with the entire show. Specifically, I got to see some acts I hadn’t before: Brother Ali, Sage Francis, Felt (Murs and Slug) and Living Legends.

A few pics after the jump, and you’ll notice no pics after the sun went down because, well, I’m not a professional photographer:

Set times


Mr. Lif

The Grouch (left) and Eligh


Cage (left) and Murs backstage



Brother Ali

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  4. nice! we got tons of photos and coverage of this show as well. the link i posted is part 1 of three.

    that was easily the best day of hip-hop i’ve ever experienced.

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