Jim Mahfood

No music here, but a shout-out to a good guy and and ex-Zona resident: Jim Mahfood. Jim is an independent comic-book artist with ridiculous credentials. He’s probably best known for drawing the Clerks comic book, at director Kevin Smith’s request no less.

Jim’s also responsible for the Grrl Scouts series and Stupid Comics strip in the Phoenix New Times. Music plays a huge role in Jim’s art. You’ll often see his characters wearing T-shirts pimping some of his favorite artists. When he lived in Arizona, Jim created live mural art on stage during the Bombshelter DJs’ — Radar, Z-Trip, Emile — weekly gig, a practice he continues for national acts. Recently, Jim illustrated the fold-out mural on Z-Trip’s recent major-label debut, Shifting Gears and Felt, a comic-book companion to the new album, Felt 2, by Slug and Murs.

Jim has art for sale at his Web site or at his store. Or you can drop in at your local comic book shop for his work, which combines humor, music and always some political riffing.

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