Sweatin’ to the Indies!

If you’ve already been over to Gorilla vs. Bear — and chances are good that you were — you know that Chris and I are posting some good workout songs today. I was lamenting my recent laziness about getting out and getting to the gym. And with the monumental Austin trip but a mere 48 days away — not that I’m counting — I figured it was time to get in shape.

So it’s time to get to LA Fatness … ahem, I mean, Fitness. After all, I convinced myself I’d work out more if I bought an iPod Shuffle. Seemed like sound reasoning at the time. It’s light, it’ll fit in my pocket. That is, when I actually put it in my pocket and get to the gym.

As for my music, I tend to lean toward the more aggressive mode for motivation: Rage Against the Machine, Jawbox/breaker, Quicksand, etc. But I’m thinking I should change it up. I know we have a few biking bloggers — Mallie at South of Mainstream and Ryan at My Yellow Country Teeth. So let’s get some suggestions going. What tunes keep you going throughout the day or at the gym?

These are a few I’ll be listening to while I try to bench-press the bar:

sourceVictoria: Opportunistic
Heiruspecs: Something For Nothing
No Knife: Permanent For Now
RJD2: Cut Out to Fl.
Styles of Beyond: Winnetka Exit
Jimmy Eat World: You

BONUS — Come on! Push it, you Nancy boy!
DJ Radar and Puma as Four Hand Stroke: Sectorize
Queens of the Stone Age: The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

5 thoughts on “Sweatin’ to the Indies!”

  1. I can’t listen on the bike unless I’m on a trail or road where I’m not going to either get nailed by a car or careen into a rider/runner coming the other way. But on the running days and the weight lifting days I go back and forth between the aggressive and the more mellow. A couple staples:

    My Coco – stellastarr*
    No Culture Icons – The Thermals
    Welcome To The Terrordome – Public Enemy
    RPM – Sugar Ray (before they became radio fodder)
    Plan To Stay Awake – The Deathray Davies (this one is my mantra for enduro rides)
    Unravel – Tilt
    Falling Apart – Screeching Weasel
    Harnessed In Slums – Archers of Loaf

    and there’s lots of others…I switch out the tunes on the MP3 player about once a week…


  2. Chris…I’m going to post some Archers of Loaf and Tilt tomorrow for Flashback Friday, so you can grab one or two there. – Mallie

  3. I also posted my workout playlist over at Music|For|Snobs with mp3s!

    It reads as follows:

    ben folds five – whenever and ever amen – one angry dwarf and two hundred solemn faces
    brendan benson – alternative to love – cold hands warm heart
    annie – annimal – chewing gum
    beatles – rubber soul – drive my car
    fleetwood mac – rumors – second hand news
    hot hot heat – elevators – goodnight goodnight
    jim and jennie and the pinetops – rivers roll by – country boy rock n roll
    of montreal – the sunlandic twins – wraith pinned to the mist and other games
    pinback – summer in abandon – syracuse
    rilo kiley – more adventurous – portions for foxes
    ryan adams – cold roses – let it ride
    shout out louds – howl howl gaff gaff – very loud
    spoon – gimmie fiction – i turn my camera on
    tegan and sara – so jealous – take me anywhere
    the ditty bops – self-titled – wishful thinking
    the mountain goats – the sunset tree – this year
    thunderbirds are now! – better safe than safari

  4. I’d make a list, but that sounds like a lot of work. I listen to music on the bike all the time.

    Dead 60s
    Nine Black Alps
    Mudvayne (peoria’s finest).
    My Morning Jacket
    Death from above

    Your cubs are playing themselves out of the playoffs. Cheers!

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