July 4th doings and what not

So, did everyone have their fill of burgers, hot dogs and Twilight Zone marathon? Oh, man. I love the Twilight Zone. Favorite episode? Probably this one.

But that’s beside the point. We had some grillin’ and booze and even Mr. Marathonpacks was in the hizzouse. He’s out here, helping his super-cool girlfriend settle in for her move. Two days of 100-plus-degree weather probably made them both wonder what they were thinking. But we had plenty of this and this. Despite what you’ve heard on the Information Superhighway, Eric is about the nicest guy you’ll meet. He also plays a mean frisbee.

Anyway, we had some friends over and, somehow, the conversation turned to one of my favorite comedians, Louis C.K. I have yet to watch his HBO show Lucky Louie, but I’m setting the Tivo today. I did find this interview with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show somewhat, um, hilarious. … Sorry, music to come later today:

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