Jurassic 5: Deluxe reissue of debut EP

Pining for the old days of Jurassic 5? Before they broke up? Before they collaborated with Dave Matthews? You’re in luck.

The group is reissuing its seminal debut EP in deluxe version on Decon on Nov. 11.

From a Decon press release:

“Due to contractual disputes, this masterpiece has been out of print since 2004. Now on the heels of the 11th anniversary of its release, Jurassic 5 has decided to re-issue a limited edition of this album with a bonus CD that features 15 exclusive, rare songs and for the first time ever, a full length DVD that chronicles the moment Jurassic 5 broke through, as well as performance footage from their first world tour.”

One of my favorite music/concert-going memories was seeing Jurassic 5 at the old Nile Theater in Mesa and then the next night seeing Cut Chemist, Nu-Mark, Radar and Z-Trip – the vaunted 4-by-8! – perform together in Tempe in a laid-back, secret-ish gathering.

I also was fortunate enough to snag the EP on vinyl at Amoeba Records, one of my greater vinyl finds.

Here’s Unified Rebelution, a track that will be included on the second disc of the reissue and allegedly brought the group together after their two separate crews performed it live in 1993.

4 thoughts on “Jurassic 5: Deluxe reissue of debut EP”

  1. That’s pretty tight. I remember my friend gave me a copy of an older reissue of this EP that had like 4 or 5 extra tracks (if I could find it, I’d confirm). It’s like it gets better each time it’s released.

    Great blog dude. I’m a fan of your “I Used to Love HER” series.

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