The Whigs: Like a Vibration (video)

I never properly recapped last month’s San Diego Street Scene, though it would be easy to sum up briefly the highlights (the National, Del, Vampire Weekend), disappointments (GZA … half-hour late) and WTFs (DEVO … really?).

One of the great surprises had to be the Whigs, who had the misfortune of playing at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, the opening time slot. No matter. We took advantage of the late-arriving crowd and got close for their set – a move that made me think, hey, earplugs might just be a good idea the next time I decide to do this.

Yes, the Whigs are loud. Not overbearing loud. But powerful loud. You-can-feel-your-stomach-shaking-afterward loud. (Also, it’s the kind of loud that blasts to hell your digital camera playback sound if you tried to take a little video of the show … but nevermind that.) It’s all the more impressive that it comes from a trio, without the added benefit of a second guitar.

Check out the video for Like a Vibration, the leadoff track on the well-received Mission Control. (Still, this remains my favorite Mission Control.)

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