Laura Veirs on KCRW

Dodge kindly asked me if I’d convert Laura Veirs’ performance on KCRW into mp3s. Of course I would. I kindly obliged … only about two weeks later.

Here it is, at long last. I’ll admit: This is the first I’d listened to her, and it’s quite intriguing. At times, her voice feels slightly unsettling, but her writing is amazingly vivid and her enunciation is forceful (a female John Darnielle?).

If it’s a selling point at all, her latest, Year of Meteors, is on Nonesuch, home of that little band Wilco.

Anyway, she crammed in nine songs from Year of Meteors into the performance. So get your download on.

Laura Veirs, on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic:
Cool Water
Parisian Dream
Lake Swimming
Fire Snakes
Secret Someones

11 thoughts on “Laura Veirs on KCRW”

  1. these sound like they were made from the realaudio archive of the program. i captured recorded this from kcrw’s 128k mp3 simulcast stream and can send you those mp3s if you’d like. they should sound a little better since the source is less compressed and, being 128k rather 192k, will also be a smaller download.

  2. Glad you like — or not. And, Dany, does your shirt say “Murphy’s loft” in your profile shot? I need that. It beign my last name and all.

    Woj, what’s your process for recording the KCRW simulcast? It has to be live, right? Lemme know via email.

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