Lazy covers post

(Experimenting with a new wide-angle lens I got for X-mas.)
I spent the evening with my fine friend John and his wife watching a couple of episodes of the Twilight Zone Season 1 (Definitive Edition), which I, uh, sorta bought myself for Christmas. What a great show, yes?

Anyway, I chased my 2-year-old niece around all day, too. So what I’m saying is I’m too lazy for a cutting-edge post, but if I’m going to keep up with the joneses, I needed something new. And I realized I haven’t ever really done a covers post. So these are a couple of my favorites in my collection.

(p.s. – I did find time to go vinyl shopping Wednesday. And if anyone wants me to convert the Extended Subway Mix of Milli Vanilli’s Baby Don’t Forget My Number into an mp3, all you have to do is ask.)

Catherine Wheel | Spirit of Radio (Rush cover … you like Rush. Admit it.)
(This is part of a “hidden” 10-minute montage on Like Cats and Dogs.)
Quicksand | How Soon is Now? (Smiths cover)

2 thoughts on “Lazy covers post”

  1. Thanks for posting the Quicksand . . . I’m putting together some mix CDs for a friend in the military to bring over to Iraq. He’s a fan of both The Smiths and Quicksand so this is perfect . . . it’s good to support the troops (but not the war).

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