Leading off …

My very first post. How, um, historic. I’m a little self-conscious because this seems an exercise in egotism. But, ostensibly, this space will serve mostly as an area to force the will of my musical tastes upon my (few) visitors. Ideally, I will highlight bands and musicians (via MP3s, Q&A’s, etc.) from this fine state of Arizona, as the talent is plenty, if not a little underexposed; consider it my community service.

But I’ll no doubt foist upon you other musical gems. I suppose, this being the first post and all, I should start with a few of my all-time favorites: Run-DMC and A Tribe Called Quest. I know “Raising Hell” (for Run-DMC) and “Low End Theory” (for Tribe) were the watershed albums, but I wore my cassette player out on “Tougher than Leather” and “Midnight Marauders.” If faced with the ol’ desert-island disc conundrum, I’d prefer to be stranded with a copy of “Midnight Marauders.”

Run-DMC — Run’s House
Tribe — Lyrics to Go

3 thoughts on “Leading off …”

  1. I’m gonna agree. That is one album that will never grow old. And like my man Jay says, it’s always fun to try to guess who’s on the album cover.

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