Lifesavas (feat. Nas, Fishbone): Dead Ones remix

While we wait for the sophomore LP from Quannum’s Lifesavas (titled Gutterfly), I was sent this remix of a song whose original version I’m only guessing will end up on Gutterfly because it wasn’t on the group’s debut Spirit in Stone. Until I can confirm that, the only thing I’m sure of is that this is one of the more unique unions of musicians, with guest spots from Nas, who’s all over the place lately, and Fishbone, whose horns and sort of spooky chants in the chorus take me right back to those Truth and Soul days. I have yet to listen Nas’ new album, Hip-Hop is Dead – mostly for fear of another letdown (I’ve come to grips that there never will be another Illmatic). His turn here feels slightly off-kilter, if not a little preachy. He closes out the song by talking to nobody in particular, as some rappers are wont to do: “If you asking, why is hip-hop dead / there’s a pretty good chance you’re the reason it died” It’s too bad Nas feels the need to get a little righteous because Lifesavas turn in two great verses with metered rhyme schemes that better complement the beat and Fishbone’s horn play.

Lifesavas (feat. Nas and Fishbone) | Dead Ones (remix)

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  1. Yo, you’re doing yourself an injustice having not yet heard HHID! …also [my reason for commenting] the Nas verse is from the final cut on his album, which is an acapela, titled HOPE. “It’s too bad” you misplaced the blame on Nas. Just wanted to clear that up for you

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