Youth Group: Sorry

In my many trips to record stores last year, my wife kept telling me to look for Youth Group for her. Youth Group this, Youth Group that. Skeleton Jar. Blah blah. Eventually we got our hands on a copy, and, as it turns out, I was pretty happy Annie kept after me about it.

It wasn’t so much that Skeleton Jar was all that awe-inspiring, but it seemed the promise for something better was looming. And the Aussies may have found it on Casino Twilight Dogs, due out Jan. 23 on Epitaph/Anti. The label is working extra hard on this one, too; I’ve gotten two promo copies. Their persistence is worth it. Casino Twilight Dogs is just really … pleasant. I’m not even sure I’ve ever used that word to describe a record. The melodies are sneaky – not so catchy right off the bat but they linger and reel you in until they’ve won you over.

On Sorry, like most of the group’s tunes, the guitars are big and sweeping and enhanced by an attractive string arrangement. We shan’t forget the cover of Alphaville’s Forever Young. And, oh, singer Toby Martin uses the word “infinitesimally” in the song Catching & Killing. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Youth Group | Sorry

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