Loose ends

Just a few items to wrap up from the weekend:

… My recent excursion to Tucson consisted mostly of shopping for vinyl. But I did pick up one CD: a Barsuk Records compilation called Treats, which includes a dub version of Death Cab for Cutie’s We Laugh Indoors. (How far behind am I on this, eh?) Anyway, from what I can gather, the track was included on the single for I Was a Kaleidoscope. I’ll tie this mp3 into the release of Death Cab’s new DVD Drive Well, Sleep Carefully, available for $20 at Barsuk here.

Death Cab: We Laugh Indoors (dub)

… It’s not often I pay much attention to the multitude of ads pleading for my cursor when I hit Pitchfork. But one caught my eye on Sunday for the Scott Amendola Band. I recognize Amendola mostly from his days as the drummer for Charlie Hunter, that fine eight-string jazz guitar player. Anyway, Amendola’s band has a new CD out called Believe. What’s interesting to note is that Nels Cline plays guitar and lap steel guitar (one of my favorite instruments to hear) on the album. Cline, as you might know, is also playing with this liltle band called Wilco. Anyway, there sample clips here are worth checking out. I’ve always found this brand of jazz a nice change of pace, even if traditionalists scoff at it.

… The baseball trading deadline was sort of anticlimactic, though the Cubs did well to pry Matt Lawton — finally, a legitimate leadoff man — from the Pirates for only Jody Gerut. I’m just glad they didn’t sell off the farm or pull through on the proposed Aramis Ramirez for Bill Mueller-Manny Ramirez deal. Besides, Kerry Wood and Nomar Garciaparra are coming back this week.

Sufjan Stevens tonight at Marquee Theatre in Tempe. I’m so there.

… What I’ll be missing Tuesday night because of work … sigh: Hieroglyphics at the Clubhouse in Tempe.

… What I’ll be missing Wednesday night because of work … sigh: The Shapeshifters at the Paper Heart gallery in Phoenix for only 5 bills. If you’re a hip-hop fan, you need to check out the Shapeshifters album Shapeshifters Was Here. (There will be Shapeshifters music here this week.)

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