Madlib: “The Beat Konducta”

It probably wasn’t designed to do so, but Madlib’s The Beat Konducta Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes has been one of the more challenging records I’ve listened to this year.

Designed as a soundtrack to an “imaginary movie,” Beat Konducta comprises 35 tracks, which looks daunting until you realize none of them are more than three minutes in length. The arrangement had me a little baffled: Do I listen/digest as 35 separate tracks or absorb it as a sum of its parts? A friend told me to think of it as 35 snippets that would be incredible songs each if expanded upon, which sorta begs the question: Why not expand upon them?

Regardless, it’s an interesting concept, and the samples are knee-deep in soul and funk. I can’t imagine the pain of sequencing this album; that is, if there was any logical reasoning behind the order of the tracks. In fact, deciding which tracks to post is a little difficult if only because the longer you listen to Beat Konducta the more it shapes itself like a mixtape, with no real beginning or end to each of the songs but a continuous mix, as abstract as it is cohesive.

So listen to a couple individual tracks. Or go to eMusic and check the whole thing.

(As an aside, Madlib’s brother, Oh No, has put out one of my favorite albums this year. For real.)

Madlib | Stax (Strings)
Madlib | Eternal Broadcaster (Authentic)

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  1. Mad Lib is very talented individual. I listened to a few of the singles releases from the album which got out this summer and I can completely agree with the “complicated” aspect of listening to the album. He and label mate Dudley Perkins are making some sweet music these days. Very impressive.

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