The Parson Red Heads.

Kevin is drunk someplace right now and not able to type straight, let alone bring you the jams, so he’s enlisted me to take care of y’all today. (Disclosurey stuff about me after said jam.)

The band I want to talk to you about today is probably my favorite band coming up in LA right now, The Parson Red Heads. The band, led by Evan Way, migrated down to LA from Oregon and have really come unto their own in the last year or so. They play great pop songs informed by CSNY, The Birds and that brand of jangly 60’s pop in general. They toss down pretty harmonies, catchy songs (I was hooked from my very first listen which is documented here), and a rhythm section that is out of control. Now, when I say out of control, I mean it in a few different ways, The first way, is obviously that they play well. A tambourine has never made you want to shake your hips more than when watching this band. No joke. There’s also the fact that the ladies of the Parson’s rhythm section are totally foxes. Yeah, like I said, out of control. If you get a chance to go see them, do it, but I warn you now, you will leave with a crush on the whole band. Songs like “Punctual as Usual” will also infect your head and you’ll find yourself singing it as you walk to your car (hey, it worked on me) or maybe even when you wake up in the morning the next day. Your chance to see them is quickly approaching as well, The Parson Red Heads will be playing a residency at LA’s The Echo every Monday in December for FREE. I’ll be there.

LA music blogs You Set The Scene and Passion of the Weiss both have recent posts on the Red Heads.

You should listen to the aforementioned song here but also go check the band’s official website for some more stuff.

The Parson Red Heads – Punctual As Usual

(In full disclosurey sort of stuff, this is kind of a total conflict of interest as I also promote records to So Much Silence now and again. Kevin is probably WAY too drunk to care though, I’m also telling you about it, so please don’t punch me in the face, okay? In further disclosurey stuff I am totally friends with The Parson Red Heads. Clearly, I think they are the shit. No, really, don’t hit me. The best thing for you to do is listen for yourself to see if I’m actually the hack that I’m semi-making myself out to be.)

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