Meanest Man Contest: new video!

I’m not one to often use exclamation points to get my point across (OK, maybe sometimes). But I think after watching the new video for Meanest Man Contest’s Throwing Away Broken Electronics, you’ll be pretty amped up, too.

What’s not to like about the video, directed by Greg Tuzin? Slow motion. Women in bikinis with boomboxes for heads. Destruction of electronics with baseball bats and sledgehammers. Women in bikinis with boomboxes for heads destroying electronics with baseball bats and sledgehammers. And, oh, the song is pretty dope, too (but you already knew that).

I asked Eriksolo about inspiration for the song: “I was cleaning out my house one day and I came across all this old gear that I used to make music on but was no longer really working right. It made me really nostalgic and sorta melancholy. But then it also felt really good to get rid of it.”

So if you ever wanted to do this, I think you’ll agree this video is the stuff dreams are made of.

Remember to pick up the track as part of a limited 7-inch on Gold Robot Records.

Curious about that sweet Gold Robot Records shirt Quarterbar is rockin’ in the background? Get it here.

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