Tonight: Editors in Tempe (and odds and ends)

UK’s Editors make their way to Tempe for a show at Marquee Theatre in Tempe with Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV on Tuesday night. (Buy tickets.)

I interviewed bassist Russell Leetch and wrote a bit about it here. Favorite quote, after I asked him how critics differ in England and the U.S.: “We always get totally mixed reviews. We’re not one of those bands people wet themselves over like the Arcade Fire or LCD Soundsystem.”

Also, here’s a flier for the March 8 show I’m putting on with Source Victoria and Birdmonster, among others. Come on out, won’t you? (Click for larger image.)


Go to Aquarium Drunkard for an acoustic session with Radar Bros. frontman Jim Putnam.

Mr. Mammoth has a new Cadence Weapon track, Juliann Wilding.

I discovered Phoenix boys The Format are breaking up at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. Drag.

On the topic of Phoenix, Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World contributed to a song by Belgian electronic artist Styrofoam. Stream My Next Mistake at Styrofoam’s MySpace page.

Lastly, head over to Macktronic for some Cool Kids.

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