Menomena in Phoenix on Sunday

menomena.jpgLately, there seems to be no shortage of excellent shows running through the Valley, and the trend is continuing in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, one band seems cursed by its travels through our state. We’re sorry, Birdmonster. Come back, won’t you?

Sunday is particularly exciting, for Menomena comes through to play Rhythm Room, a show I am eagerly anticipating. I wanted to resist Friend and Foe originally, as I tend to flinch at what the masses are feeding me. And, yet, it now seems all very justifiable because these are songs heavy in texture (the horns are so wonderful) and catchy, to boot.

I tortured my wife over and over with the album opener Muscle’n Flo (which I couldn’t figure for the life of me why that wasn’t the first single) until she was waking up with it in her head. And now I’ve come to terms with Wet and Rusting as the single, though you could certainly make a case for Boyscout’n.

Also, the word “Menomena” is hard to type.

Local bands the Threads and the Morning Kennedy Was Shot open the all-ages show on Sunday.

  • Menomena | Wet and Rusting

Visit MTV’s Subterranean Blog for the very cool video for Wet and Rusting.

Stream Friend and Foe via Barsuk.

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