New Brendan Benson?: Feel Like Taking You Home

If you stalk check up on Brendan Benson’s MySpace page every now and again, you’ll see he’s pretty active in posting demos and such for your streaming pleasure.

Well, with the Raconteurs noise dying down now, we can probably expect a new album from Benson very soon. And he’s planting the seed by dropping in a new tune on his MySpace called Feel Like Taking You Home.

It’s darker – in both sound and lyrical content – than what we’re used to hearing from Benson, and the driving beat steadily reaches a crescendo as guitars layer and crash over it.

  • Brendan Benson | Feel Like Taking You Home


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3 thoughts on “New Brendan Benson?: Feel Like Taking You Home”

  1. its been announced!! its going to be released on 24th August. Feel like taking you is going to be on it too. yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!

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