A-Plus: Patna Please


It’s hard to ignore the independent and resourceful nature of the Hieroglyphics crew – Del, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love, Domino. This was a group whose members were jilted by a semi-major (Jive), so they simply struck out on their own to form their own label (Hiero Imperium) and pretty much became the prime example of a business model that could succeed sans label support.

On top of all that, they continually put out quality records, even if it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of because of how much they pump out. A couple projects are in the works, including a solo album from Souls of Mischief member A-Plus (that’s A-Plee, if you’re down).

The first single is Patna Please, a low-end gem with a menacing keyboard loop and bouncing bassline that screams Bay Area.

As is the case with most Hiero-affiliated albums, My Last Good Deed has guest spots from the crew, including Casual and Del. It drops May 1.

  • A-Plus | Patna Please

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  1. I saw Souls of Mischief perform just a few months ago at the Rokout Festival in San Bernandino. They previewed a few of the new solo tracks and all I have to say is “still got it”. I’m just sorry I lost track of the crew over the years.

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