Mike Doughty: 27 Jennifers (video)

I chatted a couple months ago about Mike Doughty’s new record, Golden Delicious, which is due out Feb. 19.

Doughty has released the album’s first video, for the song 27 Jennifers. It’s decidedly low budget – Doughty shot it himself – and looks like it might have been filmed using night-vision goggles. True to form, Doughty rounded up 27 girls named Jennifer for the shoot … and his bass player, Scrap Livingston. Check out pictures of the video shoot at Doughty’s blog.

TONIGHT: We’re probably gonna check out the Dan Deacon show at Modified. Our pal Ryan from Muzzle of Bees is in town because he and his girlfriend ran in this marathon on Sunday. (Don’t you feel lazy now?)

Having searched the results, I can tell you Ryan finished in just over four hours. I’ll buy him a nice cold beer tonight as a reward.

2 thoughts on “Mike Doughty: 27 Jennifers (video)”

  1. There are 27 girls in the video but they aren’t all named Jennifer. I’m named Erica and I know there’s one named Rachel and Jamie and Sara and Eevin. But I would say we were all cast as Jennifers. And maybe, like blondes, Jennifers have more fun.

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