Incoming: Jon Rauhouse, Feb. 8

One of the nicest guys – and probably one of the most talented – you’ll meet is Jon Rauhouse, pedal-steel guru and touring member of Neko Case’s band. (Previously discussed here and a little bit here.)

Rauhouse, on the heels of his 2007 release Steel Guitar Heart Attack (Bloodshot), has picked up a Tempe date, Feb. 8 at Green, a vegetarian restaurant (unique choice).

Also, be sure to check out Rauhouse on Aquarium Drunkard’s fantastic series Off the Record in which artists select favorite places in their hometowns.

One thought on “Incoming: Jon Rauhouse, Feb. 8”

  1. Nice. I’m going through a phase of exploring bottleneck and slide players — Sol Hoopi, sacred steel, early hillbilly bottlenecks. So this was a discovery and I snagged the album off eMusic after hearing it here.

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