Rogue Wave relocates show

Rogue Wave, scheduled to play Rhythm Room in Phoenix on Jan. 22 (another fine Stateside Presents offering), has backed out of that date in favor of an 18-and-over show at Tempe Marketplace, our newest beacon of big-box consumerism.

The good news is the show is free. The bad news is that likely means Rogue Wave reversed field on Stateside, a staunch supporter of indie music for more than 10 years in the Valley, and took a last-minute hefty paycheck from Tempe Marketplace (or one of its sponsors; witness cheesy promotional video). For the record, the Rhythm Room cancellation was announced Monday.

In light of drummer Pat Spurgeon’s health issues, I can’t blame Rogue Wave for getting paid. Although it seems like bad business to pull out of a confirmed show just a week before the date.

Without all the information, it’s hard to pass any judgments. But my guess is – and I’m really going out on a limb here – playing outside in a sterile commercialized environment won’t have nearly the same effect as playing in an intimate, nice-sounding venue such as the Rhythm Room.

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