Money Mark: Pick Up the Pieces

Money Mark is probably better known as the keyboardist for the Beastie Boys, though he does have an extensive discography, combining both solo and collaborative efforts. Pick Up the Pieces is the first single off his upcoming LP Brand New By Tomorrow, on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records (but don’t hold that against him … OK, that was a snobby thing to say). It’s touted as a break-up album, but if the rest of the songs carry the breezy, jazz-style instrumentation that’s on Pick Up the Pieces, then it may be hard to identify it as a somber affair. Let’s just say you won’t be moved to tears by any of the lyrics here: “You got me pickin’ up all my pieces / put ’em back in my pocket in case I need them.” Still, the interplay between the piano and bass carries the day. And that’s enough for me.

Money Mark | Pick Up the Pieces

ADMINISTRATIVE: Posting in the next couple of days likely will be coming from someone other than me (insert cheers here). We are headed for Chicago for the weekend, and for the first time I’m not looking forward to it. It’s for a funeral of a close family friend. Nevertheless, someone will prevent mold from building up around here while I am away.

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