Monsieur Leroc: I’m Not Young But I Need the Money

I blindly stumbled upon Monsieur Leroc because he’s part of the Cornerstone Recording Arts Society collective, also home to AWOL One, the Shape Shifters and $martyr (all of whom have been featured at some point here). I’m Not Young But I Need the Money (love the title) is the third release for Leroc, who’s from Germany. His funk-happy sound-collage style ensures that Beck, Cut Chemist and/or Jamie Lidell will be referenced as comparisons in practically every review and bio. Nevertheless, Leroc is the type of artist I feel I’ve gravitated toward more and more, especially this past year: a one-man show who finds comfort and something just right about being a little unorthodox (see also, the Gray Kid and Baby Dayliner). Some of the scattershot composition feels disjointed at first. Without the benefit of liner notes (got it at eMusic), I can’t be sure of what’s been sampled or what’s been played live. Still, the cut-and-paste arrangements are strangely compelling: part funk, part hip-hop, part lounge. Cooley McCoolsen, the lead track, is a perfect example of how Leroc somehow makes all these elements very agreeable.

Monsieur Leroc | Cooley McCoolsen

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