More Tom Vek: on KEXP

So, this is sort of a fallback post; I’m nursing a pretty killer cold and I think this is the first day, um, ever, I’ve not picked up my iPod.

That said, these Tom Vek tracks were going to get posted sooner or later. So how about sooner? This set is a lot shorter than his KCRW appearance. But the audio quality (it’s all about bit rates, baby) is much better. Plus, he plays Nothing But Green Lights, which is probably my favorite track off We Have Sound. (Buy it at eMusic.)

Tom Vek on KEXP, 11/18/05:
1. The Lower the Sun
2. Nothing But Green Lights
3. If I Had Changed My Mind

[update!: Peter over at tmwsiy* has kindly offered us the Kaos Remix by James Fucking Friedman (that’s his name) of Nothing But Green Lights. Go and thank him; while you’re at it, you can enter to win the new Prodigy box set.]

Tom Vek | Nothing But Green Lights (Kaos Mix)

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