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I think that if it were the 70s, I’d probably be one of those “Disco Sucks” guys, probably jamming out to Boston on headphones while getting stoned in my parents’ basement, or maybe, if I was really cool, shaving my head and going punk. After all, I despise my generation’s club music, be it obnoxious rave fare or the even more disgusting hipster-baiting, extra low-V neck sporting Indie-Electro-Dance-Rock-Bangers scene.

Of course, it’s not the 70’s, and given a few decades’ distance, I really can’t even try to deny the pure pop power of stuff like The Bee-Gees, Donna Summer, and Labelle.  It’s from this stuff that L.A. (of course they’re from L freaking A) combo Music Go Music draw their sound, with liberal doses of Blondie’s punk-edge, E.L.O.’s classical flourishes and ABBA’s laser-beam precision Swedish melodies tossed in for healthy measure.  The band issued their debut full length on Secretly Canadian Oct. 6th, and these live videos from talent show Face Time showcase their particular sound.  Not sure what Face Time is, really, but it seems weird and pretty awesome.

Music Go Music-Warm in the Shadows Live on Face Time

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  1. Face Time is a fake “show” they made up just for their videos. But apparently they are going to turn it into a “real fake” show with other bands playing…or something like that.

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