Q-Tip (feat. Norah Jones): Life is Better (video)

Just a couple weeks after the proper release of his once-shelved album Kamaal the Abstract, Q-Tip is back with a new video for Life is Better from The Renaissance, his critically acclaimed return that was one of my favorites of 2008.

Much like the revered Midnight Marauders album cover(s), this is Q-Tip’s ode to hip-hop – his predecessors and peers – and he shouts out some of the best: Kool Herc, The Furious Five, Run-DMC, J Dilla, Nas, Rakim and so on. I mean, I think we’ve all used the whole hip-hop-as-love metaphor. I can’t be the only one.

Anyway, the video offers a fluid storyboard-like animation that keeps the action swirling around Tip and Norah Jones.

2 thoughts on “Q-Tip (feat. Norah Jones): Life is Better (video)”

  1. Don’t know if I’m just a dirty old man or not but am I the only one thinking Tip got with that? Janet, Norah, etc. I think he or someone else mentioned the ‘quality’ of women that the Native Tongues have been with over the years. Man, this is why I hate rappers/singers. They get the good stuff. HAHAHA!!

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