N.A.S.A.: Samba Soul (feat. Del and DJ Q-Bert)

The more I look at the guest list on this N.A.S.A. album The Spirit of Apollo, the more I look forward to its release on Feb. 17 on Anti-. This might be Handsome Boy Modeling School on steroids.

Given the A-list appeal of the album, it’s hard to not want to pick off individual songs, though I’m sure they take greater meaning in the context of the full album (ain’t that always the case?). Still, Samba Soul brings the funk as Del paces the track with his even-tempered flow, giving way to some delicious Q-Bert cuts. I’m listening quietly on headphones – it is past midnight and some people sleep around here – and I think they’re hiding the full potential of the bass. This track is getting cranked on full stereo at the first opportunity. (Side note: I love that N.A.S.A. segues into N.W.A. in my iTunes library.)

N.A.S.A.: Money (video)

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