New Born Ruffians: Sole Brother


Add yet another album to get excited about in 2010: Born Ruffians unveiled cover art (above), tracklisting (below), release date (June 1) and a new song (Sole Brother) on their Web site on Thursday for the album Say It, a follow-up to the 2008 favorite Red, Yellow & Blue.

You can hear the working origins of Sole Brother from the band’s Daytrotter session in November 2008, so it’s pretty clear the song has been a long time in the making.

The track seems to make good on what singer Luke LaLonde told me to expect from the new album in an interview in October ’08: “Our newer songs are going to be more singing and less chanting. I think I hear a lot of bands who are doing the chanty things. And, I don’t know, it’s just something we’ve made a conscious effort and decided on more singing.”

As promised, Sole Brother shows LaLonde’s bandmates adding some vocal chops. In this case, if his Daytrotter explanation of the song still holds, that would be drummer Steve Hamelin.

Tracklisting for Say It:
1. Oh Man
2. Retard Canard
3. Sole Brother
4. What To Say
5. The Ballad Of Moose Bruce
6. Higher And Higher
7. Come Back
8. Nova-Leigh
9. Blood, The Sun & Water
10. At Home Now

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