Walter Schreifels: Arthur Lee’s Lullaby

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For his role as frontman/songwriter for post-hardcore heroes Quicksand – a band whose two-album resume is far too brief – Walter Schreifels holds a permanent and dear place in my music collection. Short-lived as Quicksand’s existence was, the band has had a lasting influence. Listen to Quicksand, then listen to a band like, say, Cursive and you decide. (On a side note, would someone please release a reissue/remaster of Quicksand’s damn-near perfect 1993 debut Slip already? Some bonus tracks and liner notes would be nice, too. Thanks.)

These days, it’s fair to say Schreifels, also a former member of hardcore act Gorilla Biscuits, has mellowed with age. After Quicksand, he went on to play in Rival Schools for an album (though a new record is allegedly on the way?!?) and Walking Concert for another album. Now, he’s on the verge of releasing his first solo album, An Open Letter to the Scene, a mostly acoustic record in which he “reflects on his legacy,” quoth the press materials. It’s due out May 4 on Academy Fight Song.

Arthur Lee’s Lullaby is the first single off the album, and it comes with a video, too. Quicksand this is not, but, hey, we can’t always be 18 and angry.

  • Walter Schreifels | Arthur Lee’s Lullaby
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