New Born Ruffians: What to Say (stream)

Prepping for the June 1 release of Say It, the follow-up to 2008’s Red, Yellow & Blue, Born Ruffians will put out a 7-inch/digital single on May 4 for the track called What to Say, which you can stream in that embedded widget thingy above (via Warp). The single’s b-side will feature the previously unreleased Plinky Plonky.

What to Say is musically restrained – at least by Born Ruffians’ time signature-twisting standards – and instead highlights singer Luke LaLonde’s struggle to translate his thoughts into words, presumably to a love interest: “When I wake up I’m speaking slow / When I get drunk I’m speaking more / Get too drunk and I don’t speak at all / Get too close to you and I don’t know / What to say .”

As he tells “‘What to Say’ is about how much and how little sense we make when we speak. It’s about the multitude of wrong words and the never-ending search for the right ones. May you choose wisely.”

Well said.

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