New Eagles of Death Metal

At what point does a group like Eagles of Death Metal stop being ironic? More important, what’s our threshold, as fans, for this? How long can the joke carry on?

I know. Lots of questions. See, this tears at me because I really like Josh Homme. Some might say I have a “man-crush” on him. … Oh, wait. I think I’ve said that.

Anyway, I was pondering this after listening to this new Eagles track. I really am a big fan of Queens of the Stone Age, so my tendency is to give Eagles a free pass. But, at some point, we have to take this seriously, right? When does this all just become too patronizing? We spend money. Is it a joke? Is it serious? Sometimes I can’t really tell.

Because I’ll tell you one thing: I’m tired of the ironic T-shirt trend. So are Eagles of Death Metal the ironic T-shirts of rock? Death Metal … satan hand sign … yeah, it’s funny. Sort of.

That said, the music is pretty damn good. So, again, where does that leave us?

Eagles of Death Metal | Don’t Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)

6 thoughts on “New Eagles of Death Metal”

  1. I was supposed to go see them yesterday at the little radio wherehouse but i just couldnt get out of bed. sooo frickin sick. Were totally going to kick it in LA next week! YAYYYY!!

  2. i must agree, and am very happy a music blogger actually said it- this song is just the same old vomit, god i cant escape that “ironic” sound in commercials or on the radio – no im not going to buy payless shoes or a nissan are these guys f-ing serious- payless shoes! didnt star jones promote that crap… please lets make Eagles of Death Metal stop! WAKE UP make a petiotion or something just make it stop, dear god make it stop!

  3. The thing is, it’s not really Josh’s “thing”….It’s more of the other guys’ deal and why not have a friend who already has a head start help ’em out a bit? I’m sure if they weren’t connected to someone famous everyone would embrace them as great etc…And why all the focus on the name and the subsequent “ironic” music?..Maybe it’s not ironic at all.

  4. Death By Sexy is the best f’in’ album to come out since Peace Love Death Metal: Sorry boys, but EODM is better than Queens, and I’m a Queens fan from wayback in ’99 when I saw them in Cleveland at the Beachland Ballroom. Don’t get me wrong, QOTSA rule, but gawdammit EODM kill! So what that Boots Electric makes some sidecash slingin’ shoes and pathfinders? More power to him. For two piece, try to get a better combo than Baby Duck and JDevil Huge. The only new release that comes close in authenticity and ferocity is Hank III’s Straight To Hell: I don’t care if you don’t like country, this music kills your music in a big bad way!!! As soon as the Reverend Horton Heat brings out a new LP then the holy trinity will be complete…

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