The Raconteurs “Store Bought Bones”

It’s no surprise that just about everyone else beat me to the punch on The Raconteurs. But I actually bought the 7″ single last night for a cool $2.99. I must say: Steady, As She Goes (buy it at iTunes) deserves to be listened through headphones.

I know Jack White is kinda the brand name of this project, but I’m excited for this album more for the presence of Brendan Benson and the Greenhornes, who provide a tight and muscular rhythm section. And the guitar work on Store Bought Bones is all loose and bluesy. As my boy Chris has said several times, the full-length has top five best-of potential for 2006.

Rest assured, this was a conversion from the 7″ vinyl and not a rip from the group’s site or MySpace.

The Raconteurs | Store Bought Bones

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