New J-Live: Reveal the Secret EP


Perhaps one of the most overlooked records in my collection – the type of album you can’t believe you haven’t listened to in the past six months because, damn, it’s so good – is J-Live’s All of the Above, released in 2002 and available on eMusic.

After listening, you have to wonder if this guy isn’t one of the best MCs going. I once read a story about him in which the author called him “unfuckwithable.” And it’s really hard to argue.

Yet his profile dropped considerably since All of the Above was released. Look at his Web site, for crying out loud. Still promoting his 2005 album The Hear After.

Well, he’s back with an EP, Reveal the Secret (BBE Music), which features production from Jazzy Jeff and Da Beatminerz. J says on his MySpace blog: “I want this to feel like it came outta nowhere. I want the people that have it to feel special you know. Let them spread the word that I’m back. Pass it on before the album drops. You know… let the cat out the bag, reveal the secret.”

Right. I’m just doin’ what the man says. Check out Feel Like Spittin’ (produced by Da Beatminerz).

  • J-Live | Feel Like Spittin’

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