New Japandroids: The House That Heaven Built

In September, Japandroids played a show with Bass Drum of Death at Trunk Space in a set that appeared to be riddled with technical issues that left the Vancouver duo a tad frustrated. They powered through but promised free entry to their next Phoenix show for anyone who held on to the ticket stub. I was hoping I’d get to cash in when I saw the band had announced a new tour on Monday, but alas, no Arizona dates were included on this leg (though they seem like the sort of guys to make good on this promise).

But all’s not lost: Brian King and Dave Prowse also dropped a new song that will be on the forthcoming album Celebration Rock, due out June 5 on Polyvinyl (pre-order here). “The House That Heaven Built” will be released as the A-side on the fourth installment of the band’s 7-inch series it started two years ago. (This B-side will feature a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover of “Jack The Ripper.”)

With “The House That Heaven Built,” Japandroids really make no bones about reaching for a bigger dynamic – the sort of uninhibited, call-and-response anthem that bands like the Hold Steady perfected. “On a lot of this new record, we actually tried to simulate the sound of what we thought the crowd would do during the songs,” King told Pitchfork.

Stream the track via Soundcloud below:

I also love Japandroids’ commitment to their minimal, punk aesthetic. Celebration Rock sticks to the eight-track length of Post-Nothing and keeps its predecessor’s stripped-down album-cover design.

Here’s the Celebration Rock tracklisting:

1. The Nights Of Wine And Roses
2. Fire’s Highway
3. Evil’s Sway
4. For The Love Of Ivy
5. Adrenaline Nightshift
6. Younger Us
7. The House That Heaven Built
8. Continuous Thunder

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