New People Under the Stairs: Step Bacc

A wise man once said People Under the Stairs “are the epitome of California cool – laid-back beats and verses that celebrate the mellow side of West Coast living and obsessive crate digging.” OK, that was me.

In a year that hasn’t produced too many hip-hop records I’m excited about (where are you, MURS?), the first single from PUTS’ forthcoming Fun DMC has surfaced. The track is called Step Bacc, and it seems to live up to the promise of the album title.

Says Double K for the requisite press material: “On our last album, Stepfather [: also dope], we did a lot of thinking instead of just going in there and doing it. Now we just going back to what we were doing on the first two albums, which was basically having fun and not caring about anything.”

Worth noting is the duo created/produced the record themselves at Thes One’s new home studio, designed and built by the man himself.

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