New Birdmonster video: The Iditarod

Well, how’s that for timing? Right on the heels of an announcement of Birdmonster’s Oct. 13 show at Yucca Tap Room in Tempe comes a new video from the group. Check it out below. Keep Dramamine close at hand.

Also, about that Yucca show. I’m excited to say that local support will come from Kinch (on tour now) and two of my very favorite musicians from Phoenix – one happens to be my brother – performing an acoustic-type set together: Chad Sundin of the Via Maris and Brendan Murphy of Source Victoria. I’m told Brendan and Chad will perform each other’s songs and a couple covers. (Related: Source Victoria won the best rock category for the Phoenix New Times’ Summer of Sound series.)

And, now, on with the Birdmonster:

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