New Zilla Rocca (feat. Has-Lo): Full Spectrum


In the dead of Phoenix summer, when sweat trickles down body parts unknown, I typically stick to three colors for clothes: white, black and plaid. (Pro tip: Generra Hypercolor is a big mistake.)

Fashion was never really my forte anyway. I strive for boring and functional – I’m content so long as I have a solid pair of adidas. But there’s nothing bland about Zilla Rocca’s rap palette, which is on full display on his new single “Full Spectrum,” feat. his Wrecking Crew cohort Has-Lo with production by Dr. Quandary (World Around Records).

Like GZA’s “Labels” or Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics,” Zilla and Has-Lo flip a three-minute tale full of clever wordplay and imagery from a singular theme – in this case, colors (hence the title).

Stream/download the track below. It will appear on the upcoming Nights & Weekends EP, for which Kickstarter donations are being accepted to help fund physical copies and a Super 8 camera for the filming of a video for “Full Spectrum.”

Full Spectrum feat Has-Lo (prod by Dr. Quandary) by ZillaRoccaNoir

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