New Source Victoria: Once I’m Dead


I’ve been there from the get-go, from the demos to the live shows, so there’s a great sense of pride to see a fully formed product` coming in the not-too-distant future for Source Victoria.

It’s looking like the new album is coming this fall – October maybe? – but the first official taste has arrived by way of a three-song EP, a sort of maxi single, if you will. Remember CD singles? It’s like that … without the CD part.

The EP contains three versions of the song “Once I’m Dead”: the album version, a rockier non-album version and a demo that my brother recorded at his house on what must have been a rare quiet morning there (I love my nieces to pieces, but four girls ages 1-8 don’t remain silent for long).

The song credits are below, but it’s certainly worth noting the contributions: local producer/musician Jamie Woolford, pedal-steel player Jon Rauhouse (a member of Neko Case’s band who has also toured with Jakob Dylan), Grammy-winning producer/engineer Chris Testa and enginner (and longtime friend) Jamal Ruhe.

You can grab the tracks at a the new Bandcamp page or head to Yucca Tap Room on Friday night and get a free download code. I’m terribly biased, but I can confidently say there’s plenty more to look forward to on this album.


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