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110 Percent: Scott Hessel (Source Victoria) talks NBA lockout, Suns and crybaby millionaires

Scott Hessel - Source Victoria

Welcome to 110 Percent, a new, recurring feature that brings together two of my greatest joys: music and sports. The goal is pretty simple (if not a little broad): I plan to talk to musicians about sports, be it their favorite team, the news of the day or anything in between. Everything is, ahem, fair game.

First up is Scott Hessel, drummer of Phoenix band Source Victoria, who will unleash a new album, Slow Luck, with a release party on Nov. 25 at Crescent Ballroom.

I chatted with Scott last week about his life as a Suns fun and the NBA lockout, a few days before the players union rejected the latest proposal from the owners on Monday, thus jeopardizing the 2011-12 season. We had already launched into conversation before I could get a question out, so I’ll let Scott get the proverbial ball rolling here …

Let me put it this way, the first time they did this lockout nonsense – what was it ’99? – I sort of re-embraced the NBA pretty quickly just because the Suns were still very much a team that wasn’t gonna win a championship, but we still were pretty good. This year, OK, well, they get a season going, and what do we have? We have the same questions about the Suns that we had before the season even ended. I hate to say this, but I’m like, “Blow it up.” What could it possibly hurt?

The guy I feel worst for is my basketball hero, Steve Nash. I still feel like that dude is playing at a very high level above the expectations of what even a guy his age is ever supposed to play. So the notion of him losing a year off his career would make me sad. But everybody else just strikes me as being just completely unsympathetic. I never particularly liked (NBA commissioner) David Stern. I don’t like the position a lot of the players are taking publicly … you don’t really have much sympathy for these dudes.

Especially considering the economy. I know they’re also negotiating for future players, but there’s already a huge disconnect between Average Joe and the rich athlete.
I understand the principle, but it could not happen at a worse time for the Average Joe to have much sympathy. I would have considered myself a die-hard basketball fan – that any given night I-don’t-really-care-what-game-I’m-watching fan. But this year, no. I’m completely sitting here going, “Why are we even caring?” I don’t care. It’s just not a good time to be having this sort of thing.

Give me some background. Were you born and raised and raised in Phoenix?
I was born in Florida and moved here in ’74. I was 7.

So the Suns were the only game in town, right?
When I first became a Suns fan they were offering 2-for-1s. The 2-for-1s were like $5, $7, something like that. I remember the New Orleans Jazz came to town. [Starts singing]: “The Suns are playing in town tonight / the Suns are playing in town tonight / Pete Maravich, you know what that means/ from way down ‘yonder in New Orleans.” That stuck with me all these years. That’s when I became a Suns fan.

Was that a commercial?
That was a commercial. It was so hokey. The Suns were on Channel 12, I think, at the time. I’ve been with ‘em all the way. The very first memory I have of the Suns was watching the Suns-Celtics on black-and-white TV, triple OT (Game 5 of the ’76 Finals). That was my first memory, which couldn’t be a better memory.

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New Source Victoria: Nobody Knows But Me

Source Victoria - Slow Luck

We heard the first bit of the new Source Victoria album in July with a three-song EP for the single “Once I’m Dead” (available at Bandcamp). Now with CDs for Slow Luck in hand, burning a hole in the cardboard box they were shipped in, the band is offering a listen of another new track, “Nobody Knows But Me,” at its website (and below).

It can also be said that the album release show will be on Nov. 25 – that’s Black Friday – at the shiny new Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix with openers Jeff Bufano and Chris Corak (of Reubens Accomplice) and Colorstore. The album artwork was done by Sam Means (formerly of the Format), who is also among the handful of musical contributors that includes Jon Rauhouse (pedal-steel ace and member of Neko Case’s band), Lisa Loeb (yep), Jamal Ruhe (vocals and mastering) and more.

So far as I know, Slow Luck will be available for purchase at most of the major digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and streaming at the usual spots (Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.).

Alas, those are sort of the nuts and bolts of the album. And even though I’ve had it in hand digitally for some time (and now in physical form) and seen the songs live countless times, I’m still digesting it all. Writing anything about your brother’s band is sort of a daunting proposition – not to mention one that will sound totally biased. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to have more as the album release show approaches (maybe even an awkward Q&A with my own brother??).

For now, though, check out “Nobody Knows But Me”:

New Source Victoria: Once I’m Dead


I’ve been there from the get-go, from the demos to the live shows, so there’s a great sense of pride to see a fully formed product` coming in the not-too-distant future for Source Victoria.

It’s looking like the new album is coming this fall – October maybe? – but the first official taste has arrived by way of a three-song EP, a sort of maxi single, if you will. Remember CD singles? It’s like that … without the CD part.

The EP contains three versions of the song “Once I’m Dead”: the album version, a rockier non-album version and a demo that my brother recorded at his house on what must have been a rare quiet morning there (I love my nieces to pieces, but four girls ages 1-8 don’t remain silent for long).

The song credits are below, but it’s certainly worth noting the contributions: local producer/musician Jamie Woolford, pedal-steel player Jon Rauhouse (a member of Neko Case’s band who has also toured with Jakob Dylan), Grammy-winning producer/engineer Chris Testa and enginner (and longtime friend) Jamal Ruhe.

You can grab the tracks at a the new Bandcamp page or head to Yucca Tap Room on Friday night and get a free download code. I’m terribly biased, but I can confidently say there’s plenty more to look forward to on this album.