New Source Victoria: Nobody Knows But Me

Source Victoria - Slow Luck

We heard the first bit of the new Source Victoria album in July with a three-song EP for the single “Once I’m Dead” (available at Bandcamp). Now with CDs for Slow Luck in hand, burning a hole in the cardboard box they were shipped in, the band is offering a listen of another new track, “Nobody Knows But Me,” at its website (and below).

It can also be said that the album release show will be on Nov. 25 – that’s Black Friday – at the shiny new Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix with openers Jeff Bufano and Chris Corak (of Reubens Accomplice) and Colorstore. The album artwork was done by Sam Means (formerly of the Format), who is also among the handful of musical contributors that includes Jon Rauhouse (pedal-steel ace and member of Neko Case’s band), Lisa Loeb (yep), Jamal Ruhe (vocals and mastering) and more.

So far as I know, Slow Luck will be available for purchase at most of the major digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and streaming at the usual spots (Spotify, Rhapsody, etc.).

Alas, those are sort of the nuts and bolts of the album. And even though I’ve had it in hand digitally for some time (and now in physical form) and seen the songs live countless times, I’m still digesting it all. Writing anything about your brother’s band is sort of a daunting proposition – not to mention one that will sound totally biased. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to have more as the album release show approaches (maybe even an awkward Q&A with my own brother??).

For now, though, check out “Nobody Knows But Me”:

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