El-P samples “Tom Sawyer”: Rush Over Bklyn


Not that you need a good reason to sample Rush’s “Tom Sawyer,” but El-P has a couple. For starters and most important, this remix of “Drones Over Bklyn” – a song that was released as part of Adult Swim’s Singles Program over the summer – serves as a benefit for fellow (uninsured) producer Mr. Dibbs, who has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. All proceeds of the sales of the song will go to a fund set up for Dibbs.

Second, El-P is using a new technology from Legitmix that allows producers/remixers/DJs to legally bypass the hell of sample clearing. I guess it goes something like this (per the press release): “Legitmix provides an alternative by enabling consumers to recreate on the binary level a sample-based track using their copy of the original music.” I think, from what I can tell, as long as you already own the song, you can remix it via Legitmix, which also offers a way to buy the original song. Read more at the site.

Stream “Rush Over Bklyn” (and “Drones Over Bklyn”) below and buy it here.

El-P: Rush Over Bklyn

El-P: Drones Over Bklyn (uncensored, unmastered)

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