Off to Austin

We’re hittin’ the road to Austin today. Can’t wait to get there. You should be in good hands with Royce while I’m partying like a rock star.

Also, funny story: My friend (and co-worker) Carrie tells me someone in our building said he saw her on a blog. He saw her picture from my birthday party last week. Turns out, he checked the site regularly but had no idea we worked in the same building. Small world. Anyway, he’s running a streaming radio station with an eclectic mix of tunes; I was rockin’ it at work the other day.

So check out RadioLAB today.

More goodness from another Austin artist:

David Garza | Float Away
David Garza | Blow My Mind

2 thoughts on “Off to Austin”

  1. Davee Garza! Man, I used to see his band play all the time in Dallas. Then I saw him on a TV commercial then… nothing until now.

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