Oh No: Heavy

I didn’t make a list for my favorite records last year (I only named my most favorite). If I had, Oh No’s Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms would have cracked the top five without a doubt (previous post).

His production concept on that album – using samples derived solely from the work of Hair composer Galt MacDermot – brought a sense of cohesion to what could have been just another album bloated by guest MC appearances.

Thanks to Salon’s Audiofile, I’ve got something new to look forward to from Oh No, younger brother of Madlib. The album, due out July 31 on Stones Throw, is Dr. No’s Oxperiment (the name probably a shout to his Oxnard, Calif., roots … just a guess). According to Stones Throw, it’s “an audio tour of Turkish, Lebanese, Greek & Italian psyche funk: chopped, flipped & ripped.”

It’s 28 instrumental tracks, so Oh No’s production takes center stage.

Props again to Salon Audiofile on this.

  • Oh No | Heavy

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