The Format offers free album download

Totally forgot to mention this here, so hopefully you’ve seen it elsewhere. But Phoenix-based (OK, Peoria … whatever) duo the Format is offering its 2006 album Dog Problems as a free download. All of it. Liner notes, cover art and everything.

You have until July 10 to take advantage. Get it here. You can download songs individually or grab the whole thing in zip format.

(Cheap plug): Here’s a story I wrote about it for my 9-to-5, with a pretty good quote from the band’s manager: “We don’t know if this is a briliant idea or a stupid idea.”

I say, good for them. The guys own all the rights to their material so they basically can do what they want with it. If this helps bring exposure, then they should be setting a good example for other musicians (or labels) to follow.

The Format kicks off a two-month tour in Phoenix with two shows (July 13 and 14) at Orpheum Theatre. (Info., tickets.) Comedian Mike Birbiglia, Limbeck, Steel Train and Reubens Accomplice, one of my local favorites, open.

And if you already bought Dog Problems, well, um … sorry?

2 thoughts on “The Format offers free album download”

  1. I already have Dog Problems (the album, not ACTUAL dog problems…heh) but I’d say to anyone who sees this and contemplates spending the time to DL it for FREE: DO IT. It’s an immensely enjoyable album. It may not change your life, but you’ll have a good time while you listen to it (and some tracks will lodge permanently in your brain, I believe).

    As far as the methodology goes, in all likelihood, if someone hadn’t purchased it yet, they probably wouldn’t be likely to in the future. There are just too many choices and offereings out there. But if this introduces another 10, 20, 100 people to the band and encourages some percentage to buy tix to a live show or purchase a future album (not to mention the possibility of their word-of-mouth about the band causing others to check it out) then it’s probably ultimately very worthwhile.

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