Panther: He Enjoys the Leg

I’ve got a good friend who claims he doesn’t like Panther. But that’s crap. And he knows it. He’s just afraid to admit it. And it’s OK: If he’d just admit, “You know what, Kevin? I really do like Panther, and I feel so much better about saying that. Thank you for showing me the way.” It’ll be liberating.

On the heels of Panther’s Secret Lawns (Fryk Beat) release this year comes a digital rerelease of the vinyl-only 11-song “single” Yourself. Like the best tunes off Secret Lawns, He Enjoys the Leg is all deep bass, dysfunctional beats and falsetto crooning. And it ends so suddenly, you wonder if there’s more to it.

The rerelease comes out May 1. But it looks like you can pick up the vinyl version of Yourself at Fryk Beat. Secret Lawns can be had at eMusic.

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