The Jayhawks: Blue

At the moment (adult beverage in hand), I am not feeling hip to new music (though I have become smitten with the Twilight Sad and still am devouring all things Menomena).

Rather, I went on the equivalent of a crate dig through my iTunes library to see what was hiding in there. There is no logical reason to why I am posting this song, no sense to it. (Tomorrow the Green Grass came out in 2002 1995, for crying out loud; look how uncool I am!) Blue is one of those songs I liked at the very instant I heard it – and the hundred times that followed. And again right now after not listening to it for probably a good year or two.

Plain and simple, this tune is a must-have. It makes me wish I had been into the Jayhawks when it first came out (what was I listening to in 2002 1995 anyway? Answer: A Tribe Called Quest.). Favorite lyric: “Always thought I was someone / turned out I was wrong.”

Buy Tomorrow the Green Grass.

  • The Jayhawks | Blue

6 thoughts on “The Jayhawks: Blue”

  1. You might have been listening in 2002, but this album was released in 1995. And this brilliant record was followed by the even-more brillianter Sound of Lies.

    Still, a stellar track to return to, whether it’s five or twelve years old.

  2. Not a month ago, I dug that CD out of a crate untouched since 1995, put it in my iTunes, then deleted every other track except “Blue” because it’s the only one I could listen to forever. So weird that you are randomly posting this, and this is also my first visit to this site. Thanks!

  3. Funny you mention this now — I just put “Two Hearts” on a mix for a friend. “Blue” is great, too. Even the Thorns couldn’t ruin it.

  4. Awesome tune. I completely forgot about that song until I came across this. I used to listen that album over and over. Now I’m listening to it again.

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